Custom Made Jeans

Custom Made Jeans

We sell custom made jeans, made in the ‘old-school’ way! Spare Jeans is a small, unique business in Montreal that has been proudly designing and tailoring bespoke jeans for 40 years. We pride ourselves on the high quality, workmanship and personal service. Many of  have been ordering our jeans for years.

Prospero Rey designs all of our products from scratch. Prospero makes each and every pair of jeans that we sell. In addition, we can make all sizes from Small to Large. We love that we can witness our fantastic and varied range develop from conception to final production, knowing that we can guarantee the quality and craftsmanship, because we are responsible for it all. Also, our intense attention to detail and our dedication to quality begins in our choice of material: we only use Selvedge Japanese denim to make our custom made jeans, known to be among the finest types of denim in the world. With this stunning, high-quality denim, we can then design and create jeans of the likes you won’t find anywhere else- 100% crafted and then fitted in Montreal.

Prospero Rey

prospero rey

Owner, Tailor and Designer, SPARE JEANS

Prospero Rey is the genius behind these bespoke products, and he designs and creates each Spare Jeans denim masterpiece. He is a professional, expert Designer, Pattern-Maker and Fitting Technician with 40 years of experience in the industry. Prospero is waiting to make your perfect pair of jeans!

Where To Find Us

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Visit our shop and find the perfect style for you. If you prefer, you can also send your custom specifications to Prospero and he will make you  perfect pair of jeans. Visit our shop today!