What Is Japanese Selvedge Denim?

Experts consider Japanese selvedge denim jeans the best jeans you can buy. Why? Well, for several reasons. First, Japanese selvedge jeans are not mass produced, like jeans in North America. Jeans makers do almost all the weaving of cotton into denim by hand.  The result is a higher-quality material that is more durable and ages better than the denim you find in stores. But what exactly is selvedge denim, and how is it made?

How Do They Make Selvedge Denim?

“Selvedge” comes from the term “self-edge”, which means that the edges of the denim are finished. The older, shuttle-style looms that jeans makers use for selvedge denim sew the material with a single thread. Most mass jeans producers, on the other hand, use projectile looms to make jeans. These looms use multiple threads to sew the denim instead of sewing a single thread back and forth. This process leaves the edges of the denim unfinished. Manufacturers then use an overlock stitch to secure the edges. We therefore believe that he processes and equipment used to produce selvedge denim result is a higher-quality end product.

Why Order Your Japanese Selvedge Jeans From Prospero?

Japanese selvedge denim jeans also fade differently than the jeans you find in stores.  The pattern of fading will depend on your body type and how you move. Therefore, the jeans that Prospero makes for you will be uniquely yours, and unlike any other pair of jeans in the world! Prospero meticulously checks the hand-feel of every pair of jeans he makes. If it doesn’t live up to Prospero’s high standards he will not use the denim to make your jeans.

In addition, when you order your Japanese selvedge denim jeans from Prospero, they will be tailor made especially for you. From start to finish, the entire process will be personalized just for you. Prospero will take your measurements and create the pattern by hand and according to your precise specifications. He will use the hardware and thread color you select, and he will create jeans that are true to your unique sense of style. This is the true meaning of “tailor-made”. Send your ideas, photos and patterns to Prospero and he will take care of everything!

How To Measure Your Jeans For Cloning

From start to finish, Prospero has your comfort in mind when he makes you jeans.  Because of the high quality of the denim, and the meticulous work involved in creating the jeans, you should be aware that there will be a breaking in period before your jeans before they become comfortable to wear. Therefore, Prospero recommends buying a size smaller than the jeans you would purchase in stores.

How Prospero Makes Custom Jeans

Prospero believes that everyone should know how to buy and care for a great pair of jeans. That is why he strives to educate all of his customers about the best jeans they can buy. Although he is not from Japan, Prospero has been working with Japanese denim since his teenage years in the Philippines. To gain experience, he worked for a large commercial jeans manufacturer in Manila. Profit Prospero’s years of experience, his sense of style and his unsurpassed attention to quality.

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